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Welcome to the Teahouse!
axis rhys sex
Hey, guys, starting an LJ account for Teahouse!  We'll hopefully post some art along the way, sketches, thoughts, updates, con schedules, etc etc. :)

For now, a reminder about our update schedule, we will be updating at least one page on the 1st, 10th, and 20th of every month. I know it's not a lot but we both have day jobs that're really intense so we're doing what we can realistically.  Hopefully, in the future we can make it much more of a regular thing, but for now, this is what we've got.

Also, just incase you need it here are some links involving teahouse. (the comic)  (dA account)

and on Twitter we're teahousecomic if you'd like to follow us on there! :D

Alright guys, time for me to go crash after a long day at sakura con.  Thanks to everyone that stopped by! <3

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The links are actually "" and "" (basically just remove the S's from the end of "teahousecomics"). I'd log in and edit the post but I have no idea what the login info is.

(Deleted comment)
Thanks a bunch! the 10th'll be here in no time!

The ultimate goal is to have the first issue done by end of sept/october and have a printed book done for Yaoi con. So there will be days where there will be more than one page uploaded, so hopefully we can keep you guys happy with pages.

Ok, I must confess I’m a bit lost here… lol
The comic, 6 pages I saw are just great, love it ♥!
But I don’t know absolutely nothing about artist(s) or the comic, or… who, what, where…
You know, the usual… ?
I would appreciate any information as well as new chapter *wink*. I’m sooo looking forward :D
Thank you and wish you all the best!

We're kinda trying to keep our identities sort of a secret cause we work in mainstream comics and our families kind of keep up with what we do and we don't particularly want them to know about Teahouse... cause... they're republicans. XD

I can say that there are two of us doing the writing/art/coloring and our friends help us letter and set up the pages so there will be a credits page in the printed version of the comic. :D

Oh… ok… *chuckles*
I understand, well, until we make “proper acquaintance”… *wink*
Great job, love the art :)

I thought I'd drop by and say that I'm totally loving it so far! X'DDD Please continue with your hard work! ♥

the first 6 pages are totally awesome! i love the (line)art & great coloring ♥, and it was funny! ^_^
the webpage's style is nice and matches very well too ^^
great start!

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