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Something from a while back
axis rhys sex
Last year while we were still in the planning stages of the comic, E drew this lineup of all the characters that'll eventually show up in Teahouse.

I can tell you that while Mercutio is not in the lineup, Atros, Lilith, Claret, Rory, Axis and Rhys are.  Also there are three more characters in this lineup will still show up in this first issue of teahouse while 7 of them will show up in future issues.

I still love this lineup, E did an amazing job making all of them reflect their characters really well. <3

Oh and notice that Rhys and Axis are on the far right.

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(Deleted comment)
AWWW! Thanks! Yeah, it's definitely in the soft core genre after page 5... XD But yes, story is important to us. We really want to entertain people with the characters and the sexual aspects of it are totally secondary to story and character.

OH AND WE HAVE PLANS FOR RORY... XD I think people will enjoy them. :D :D :D

Awesome! I know it might be too much trouble, but do you guys have a dreamwidth account? I mean, I could give you an invite code if you like, and you can crosspost from Dreamwidth to LJ, have both of them show the same thing. I guess I'm offering purely on a selfish basis, because LJ is kinda acting up now and I want to make sure I can find teahouse updates!

I guess I can just have an RSS thing from your site... but in any case, the invite code still stands.

What's dreamwidth. :O

Yeah, we're working on getting an RSS feed. :D

XD Dreamwidth is just like Livejournal.

I pointed a friend of mine towards the comic and we both agree axis is just so....lickable :P

THANK YOU! :D Yeah, showing the comic to your friends is the BEST thing you could do for us! Thank you!!!

i was able to recognize axis and chrys' poses from my poster. also i was able to pick out axis' incrediably low slug pants.

oh captain tomcat, chrys is looking at the bum hanging out the back of your pants...

Man, I love the artwork for this comic! I can't identify anyone yet though XD

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