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page 14 and 15 are up at!
axis rhys sex

Haven't updated the LJs in a while, but two new pages went up a while ago!

We're currently at anime Expo btw!!! :D It's the last day, come find us in Artist Alley!

Page 14
Page 15

And don't forget about us on twitter:
and our deviant art site is:

(人≧﹏≦)I'm kinda feeling sorry for Axis now^^" Ehe~
I hope you guys have fun at the Expo!♥

Do you guys care where we leave comments? Because there's like a page with a TON of comments (on the actual website) that shows up first, but if you navigate to the new page a different way, like from page 14 and then click the right arrow, there's the comment list for the page itself. It confuses me. I just want to know if it actually matters? xD

Anywhere you want to comment is good. :D

Yeah, there are comments on the actual page and then comments on the /comic address. We're going to fix it, it's just a matter of having the time. ;____; We've just been insanely busy.

Hey, are you guys going to be at SakuraCon this year again and if you are, are you going to be selling chapter one books?


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