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I CAN HAS SLEEP NAO!? Page 11 will be the big spoon.
axis rhys sex
Oh my goodness, exhausted. Both of us were flying around during the making of this here page, I seriously think we'll only be seeing each other like, two times this month cause we've both been (and will be) on the road so much! :(

EITHER WAY, WE KILLED OURSELVES FOR YOU! :D Here's the last page of this scene for you guys, hope you're interested in seeing more of these two in the future, there's so much juicy JUICE ahead for them!! AND FOR YOU!!!

Alright, I think I will go so sleep now, my pillow's makin eyes at me.

Page 11

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Awww, thank you! Yeah, there's more going on under the surface we'll go more into as time goes on. <3

We'll keep working hard on it! <3

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