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I CAN HAS SLEEP NAO!? Page 11 will be the big spoon.
axis rhys sex
Oh my goodness, exhausted. Both of us were flying around during the making of this here page, I seriously think we'll only be seeing each other like, two times this month cause we've both been (and will be) on the road so much! :(

EITHER WAY, WE KILLED OURSELVES FOR YOU! :D Here's the last page of this scene for you guys, hope you're interested in seeing more of these two in the future, there's so much juicy JUICE ahead for them!! AND FOR YOU!!!

Alright, I think I will go so sleep now, my pillow's makin eyes at me.

Page 11

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Gah, I really like this page. A heavy topic and first, broken by something so trivial. It has a nice flow to it :) Can't wait to see what happens next!

It's going to be pretty entertaining, I think, hope... anyway, I had fun writing the next scene, it's pretty ridiculous. XD

Aww~! Thank you!! You artwork is beautiful! I've been looking forward to this page!!

Thanks! I'm glad you like it! :D

I'm starting to get hooked on this... the hard work *is* appreciated. :^)

Thank you! :D We're happy you like it!

Can’t wait to see “foolish one” :)
Btw, is something more going on here (between these two)…?
Hard work is very appreciated :)

OHHH it's a surface we're JUST STARTING to scratch. :) Keep reading. :D

woah i just see your online manga and totally hooked. keep up the good work!

Thank you so much! I'm glad you like it! :D

wow Atros is a real cold bastard owner! really looking down at Linneus - or so it seems, who knows about his secret issues.. hidden love? XD
Linneus' face close up is nice, and his sad expression so touching. your dedication was worth it, thx guyz ^^

Awww, thank you! Yeah, there's more going on under the surface we'll go more into as time goes on. <3

We'll keep working hard on it! <3


i enjoy his awkward 'wtf?' pause at the door

Awwww, just look at Linneus' poor face. So sad and beautiful. Dick move on Astros' part, but I know there has to be more of that to come. Way too early to come to terms with love and shit.

Awesome work as usual. I was just admiring the detail you guy's put into Lin's bling. I appreciate your work, even more that you almost died to bring it to us. XD

*eagerly awaits whomever is going to break Rory in*

I just started reading the comic, and I'm already hooked...mainly because of Rory...I demand more blushing Rory!!!! He needs to find an affectionate and somewhat-awkward seme to love. All the stuttering and blushing would just be too cute!

haha I'm totally fangirling over Rory right now

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