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Gah, I really like this page. A heavy topic and first, broken by something so trivial. It has a nice flow to it :) Can't wait to see what happens next!

It's going to be pretty entertaining, I think, hope... anyway, I had fun writing the next scene, it's pretty ridiculous. XD

Aww~! Thank you!! You artwork is beautiful! I've been looking forward to this page!!

Thanks! I'm glad you like it! :D

I'm starting to get hooked on this... the hard work *is* appreciated. :^)

Thank you! :D We're happy you like it!

Can’t wait to see “foolish one” :)
Btw, is something more going on here (between these two)…?
Hard work is very appreciated :)

OHHH it's a surface we're JUST STARTING to scratch. :) Keep reading. :D

woah i just see your online manga and totally hooked. keep up the good work!

Thank you so much! I'm glad you like it! :D

wow Atros is a real cold bastard owner! really looking down at Linneus - or so it seems, who knows about his secret issues.. hidden love? XD
Linneus' face close up is nice, and his sad expression so touching. your dedication was worth it, thx guyz ^^

Awww, thank you! Yeah, there's more going on under the surface we'll go more into as time goes on. <3

We'll keep working hard on it! <3


i enjoy his awkward 'wtf?' pause at the door

Awwww, just look at Linneus' poor face. So sad and beautiful. Dick move on Astros' part, but I know there has to be more of that to come. Way too early to come to terms with love and shit.

Awesome work as usual. I was just admiring the detail you guy's put into Lin's bling. I appreciate your work, even more that you almost died to bring it to us. XD

*eagerly awaits whomever is going to break Rory in*

I just started reading the comic, and I'm already hooked...mainly because of Rory...I demand more blushing Rory!!!! He needs to find an affectionate and somewhat-awkward seme to love. All the stuttering and blushing would just be too cute!

haha I'm totally fangirling over Rory right now

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