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PAGE 10! IT'S HERE! And it wants YOU~
axis rhys sex
OH ATROS AND LINNEUS. How tense you two are. Maybe if you just screwed, you both would relax a little, AMIRITE!?

Page 10

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I am so into this comic. How do you guys feel about people making icons? And if it's a huge NOOOOOO then do you guys have icons lying around somewhere? *makes grabby hands*

Nooooo we totally ENCOURAGE it, go right ahead! I did make a few icons that can be found on the links page of the website, but there are only like four DX

But yes, please, feel free!

OH MY GOD YES. Like Emily said, we have a few on the website but PLEASE feel free to make icons! Hell! We'll post em on here for other people to use and maybe even on the website!!

So cool!

Oh sweet! I finished a batch HERE. :)

who wouldn't love cutie Linneus? now i wonder who this Liard is..
and yes, Atros IS very tense, he really looks like he had a broomstick up his ass XDD. btw, i like his eyebrows ^^

THANKS for the eyebrow love. <3 E set out to give him epic eyebrows of disdain and I think she succeeded in her mission!

Oh yeah, UST there by the megaton, just do it already!

Atros, what a douche... I just love the perspective in panel three, where he's looking down on poor widdle Linneus.

Makes the pink one look like a little kitten, no? <3

Oh very adorable. *nods*

But kittens have perfected the -comehitherthatImightclawyourfaceoff- look. Watch out Atros!

:D Aahah, so happy this came out. I was looking forward to this all day. Lin, your pink hair makes me oh so happy.

Also, since I'm new to the fandom, please forgive my n00bish question, but here it is: Will this comic mainly focus on the males of the tea house (since I know it is a BL comic so far) but I've grown quite attached to Claret (she's my underdog favorite) and I was just curious as to if she'll be featured more or not? :3

No worries, Claret will get hers! You might have to hang on a bit but she'll definitely get more play. She's sort of the comic relief :D BUT HAS AN UNREQUITED LOVE HERSELF

Awww poor Claret! I hope she gets a happy ending. I want to poke Lilith and Axis every time they call that cutey "fat". >.>. I will wait most patiently! :3

She's very good at comic relief though.

Well Lilith is just a c*nt but Axis actually wants to HIT DAT

How could you not!?

Hahahaha, oh Axis don't BE HATIN' BRAH.
I'm sorry Miss Creator, I've taken up much too much of your time with my silly comments.

(Deleted comment)
<3 Thank you!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

(Deleted comment)
Awww! Thanks! I'm excited about the next few pages! 11 ends the atros/linneus scene and then 12-16 (I think it's 16) is a new scene so hold on, it's clobberin' time. :D


I don't know how you did it, but disdainful Linneus is awesome.

They should do it on the table. It'd be hawt. And then maybe Atros could get the stick out of his butt.

I think that stick in atros's butt is so far up there it doubles as his spine. He's a hard bastard, that one!

Well, now someone's is jeeeeelouuuus... *Yes I'm looking at you tall, dark and broodyXD*

Excellent work, girls, from the sketch to colours, to bishies it's all amazing*___*

And Claret is cute, love her boobs*_______*

Gotta love and respect the amazing boobs that are Claret. :D

i heart Linny and Atros. i think he's just grumpy because Liard comes back again and again to bang his bitch

pretty pretty bitch he is.

;_; He IS pretty. Just wanna pet him. E draws him so princessy.

So I just found out about your online manga from Manga_Luve, and I've read what you have and DAMN, SOOO GOOD!! The artwork just BLOWS ME AWAY!! And the writing?? DAMN FUNNY!! GOOD STUFF SO FAR!! I'm definitely coming back for more!! Keep up and amazing work! I'm looking forward to more! ^______^

Thanks so much! So glad you like it and want more! ;_; this makes us sooo happy!!!!!

Also came from Manga_luve! This is frakking awesome! I don't have a favorite character yet (l,eaning toward Axis I <3 Tatts) but since I'm all for uke torture, Mercutio x Rory would probably make me fap. Seriously, this is really awesome and I hope you have guys have a good run. I'll be eagerly awaiting for more!

OH WE HAVE SOMEONE FOR RORY THAT YOU'LL PROBABLY ENJOY. Especially if you like the uke torture. XD UGH, one of our favorite characters and he hasn't been introduced yet!

That being said, most of the characters have been introduced already, XD Promise we won't drown you in a ton of characters cause we know it's a big cast.


I am LOVING this comic so far. Gah. The whole cast. I just love them.

I'd like to also give a shout out to Claret. She is so awesome. Her sparkle!breasts? Made My Day. She's really hot. >_>;;

Can't wait for page 11. ♥


:D We are highly entertained by how much everyone loves Claret. Thank you, thank you! ;_; We love her too, she's so the cute stupid one and we just want to cuddle her. ;_; We also enjoy coming up with terrible insults regarding her weight since she's so obviously not chubby at all, it's just wrongly hilarious to us.

She's fun to abuse. :D

(sorry, originally responded using the wrong log in, WAH WAAAAAH)

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