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axis rhys sex


We'll post some preview peeks of page 9 later. ;_; It's one of my favorite pages E's drawn yet!!!

Also we'll get some stamps and banners up soon. We're going to Calgary Fan Expo this weekend so things are hectic but we'll do what we can! :)

Can it be Page 8 tiem nao!?

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Just a heads up- the link isn't working at the moment!

But hey, I love the comic so far and you guys are doing an awesome job!

I'm actually going to the Calgary Expo this weekend, so I'll come stop by your guys' booth! :D

AND YES, please stop by!!! :D :D Look forward to seeing you there!

And now that the link is fixed I can say I loved it! Very funny! :D Sorry, it's late and I don't have anything constructive to say...

Anyways, keep an eye out for a Resident Evil Jill Cosplayer ;D Unless you have no idea who Jill is or what Resident Evil is- if thats the case then forget I said anything!

Good God Axis needs a spanking for being such a moody bitch! *pets poor innocent Rory*

That's Axis, he's an a hole. :D

i totally second this! Axis + spanked = wow! XDD

\(^▽^)/Yay! I've just recently discovered this comic and have been waiting for an update!

I'm glad you like it! :D Sorry for the slow updates, we have to do this in our spare time on top of our paying jobs. ;_;

(Deleted comment)
Axis is like an std! You catch him and can't get rid of him!

lol well that sounds vaguely threatening

If you mean towards Rory, then YES.

lol uh-oh. run away Rory run away!! ;)


Oh man, I'm really into this comic.

first pannel axis is lawl. his face made me laugh so hard. that and the fact he's calling bebagay a fag amuses me so very much.

it's lik the kettle 'HEY POT YOU'RE BLACK BITCH!'

therefor amusement for me. also i just noticed, the lj icon is the sex! and i have it in keychain form. it's on my keys making me cool

YAY! KEYCHAIN!!! You ARE cool!

I agree, Axis needs a spanking.

I'm loving this comic, but there's one thing that kind of bugs me... Axis's clothing seems to be a little anachronistic. I don't know for sure when this takes place, though.

Not on Earth and no time period in particular. :) We're mostly going Victorian inspired but at the same time Axis is just so god damn grunge punk that we couldn't help but have him break the style.

Glad you pointed it out though cause we knew we were doing it and wondered if it'd be a problem.

It's all a big "fairy" tale. XD

Poor Axis, first, getting rejected. Now, having his brain broken. He's so much fun to watch. Two tantrums, a pout, and a brain meltdown in two pages. Poor guy may need a break soon.


*ROFLMFAO*!! how embarrassing! looks like bigmouth here just betitled himself as a fag.. XD thx for the early morning laugh ^^

about to post another page if you want more! :D

Ah, the blushing… lol
Green, mean face of jealousy?
Aaand noticing his own desire… toward man? *grin*
Well, he shouldn’t take it on Rory…
Hm, hope you find someone nice for Rory’s first time. As you said it is a fairytale… *wink*

oh his first time is planned and plotted out. >:}

Oh Rory, how I adore youuuuu <33 This has got to be one of my favorite pages so far. Just the expressions alone kill me X3

teahouse plug ahoy! also teashouse swag huzzah!

plug for my subscribers and viewers. lawl sauce

oh my god, we just got back home and finished up some deadlines but this is so cool! hahahahaha, THANK YOU!!!

About to upload a new page, btw. ;D

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