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HOT TUB TIME MACHINE~~ I mean, page 7...
axis rhys sex
PAGE 7 is UP on and ready for you to check it out!

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.. a really moody, pissed off Adonis! XD
eagerly waiting for p 8 ^_^

Why, thank you! We're working on it as I type! :D

lol aw poor Axis......not! XD

He gets what he wants and he's still not happy!

Watching Axis pout was hilarious. Thank you!

Hahaha, thanks! He has a manly man pout!

This is hilarious XD Axis' attention span is... awesome XD Going from "HOW COULD HE..." to "...She's got such nice tits" in one second! And Mercutio and his... paddle, is that it? I love him, seriously XD Elegant-looking and... not XD I hope to see more of him in the future <3

Appart from that, as a whole, I love this comic! The drawing are really well done, and show emotions as well as characters very well - the body language is perfectly transcribed. The colours are gorgeous, and really stand out by the care that had been put into them.

As for the characters and story, though we don't have much to see for now, they really stand out from each other and do not appear to fit into cliches - for instance, the fact that Axis is not a bottom at all, even if he does for Rhys ; and the fact that sleeping once did not link them FOREVAR, as in the old cliche for every yaoi manga where a client fall in love with a prostitute.

In short: I love this comic, and plan to spread the love everywhere - already did, in fact. Thank you very much for the read!

Man, thank you SO MUCH. And seriously, the GREATEST THING you can do for us is spread the word to your friends. We really appreciate it! :D :D :D

Rory is so adorable, I feel like pinching his cute little cheeks to see him blush some more. Favourite page yet with Axis and his tanty. :D

I want to spread the word, so I was wondering, do you have plans for banners and stamps and pretty stuff with which to spread it with?

You know... good idea. :D We'll be on that and post them on LJ and dA for people to use.


oh i was so very excited when i read there was a new page up. i think i looked over and told my cat... yes i know how that sounds.

perfectly crazy. she didn't seem nearly as excited as i was.

rory reminds me of a kitten. and axis' train of thought makes me laugh. fatty-tits-i want to sleep with her

Hahaha, it's ok, we both own cats and we both totally understand. :D Mine would've just given me a sour look and walked off showing me his butt hole in disinterest. ;_;

Axis is pretty amazing with his thinking process!!

(Deleted comment)
It's up now!! :D

Now you just gotta wait for page 9. XD

GAH!~ I finally got the nerve to post. *laughs* That way I could type coherently instead of jfa;ejira;wjgaj like I wanted to type a few weeks ago when I found out you two ladies were doing a comic collab full of awesome. LOL.

Such lovely pages! I can't get enough. I check everyday even though you guys post the page schedule just praying that a new page will magically appear somehow.

I love the colors as always! And the linework is just mindblowing! Finally a COLOR Boyslove Comic with adorable characters~ I'm sooo happy! I love all of everyone's expressions. Axis is just too cute for words and I'm excited to see Rhys talk more. Ha ha~ Such a blunt tongue that one~ <3 Keep up the great work! I'm cheering for you guys!

Yeah, colored boys love comics aren't really all that plentiful, huh. Other than Starfighter, all of the ones I read are BW import manga.

Honestly, it had to be in color, or I'd be USELESS. ;_; I'm just hitchin a ride on E's star.

And thanks again for the support! We're glad you like it! Hopefully we can keep people enjoying it even with the long wait inbetween pages. Hopefully when issue 1 is done and we're selling it, we can do more of it if it helps supplement some of our pay and covers bills. :D I'd love it to go weekly and then maybe up to twice a week but in order to do that we gotta get faster + pay rent!

LONG ROAD AHEAD OF US, We'll just have to take it in stride!

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